ESG Policy

CLM’s ESG Policy includes business principles and procedures that

align strategic decisions and operational activities with its economic

with its economic, environmental and social objectives.

Environmental and social sustainability is part of the governance of our business and we share
here, the results of our actions in numbers.


We found in the Green Treasure Platform the BMV Standard, which promotes the union of efforts of those who protect forests with those who have the attitude of governance and seek to take responsibility for compensating the environmental impacts of their activity. With this, we generate positive social results.

With this strategy, we promote actions that meet criteria that are today known worldwide as “ASG” (Environmental, Social and Governance)
or “ESG”.

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We insert “ESG” in our business! We promote actions that meet the criteria now known worldwide as “ESG” (Environmental, Social and Governance)



We have now integrated the Green Treasury Program as part of our governance actions, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Thus, we have received the Green Treasure Seal for investing in Carbon Credits. This credit remunerates the work of those who protect the lives of the planet, guaranteeing the conservation of the biodiversity of the forests.

This Seal attests, in numbers, the social results and environmental benefits generated by emission reductions, biodiversity protection, and water recycling resulting from the protected forests, certified in an effective and transparent manner with easy verification. Furthermore, the Seal is the recognition of the governance attitude of acquiring Carbon Credits in equivalence to the impacts generated by our productive activity.